Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Secret Garden Journal

I love making journals, all kinds of journals. I've made junk journals, shabby chic journals, vintage style journals, and 'clean' looking journals (if that makes sense).

Some I sold, some have been gifts, and a lot of them I've kept for myself to journal in. Different reasons, different purposes, different times, but all are about my thoughts, life and/or loves.

I have a large collection of designer papers, however I still find myself using digital papers that I purchase online. One of my favourite designers is Debbie-Anne Parent from Ephemera's Vintage Garden. The digital kits she designs are so gorgeous! I've used quite a few and I still have a bunch I have to create with.

The journal I'm showing you today is using her Secret Garden kit. I did a video a couple months back, so instead of bombarding you with pictures, I'll share the video.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for stopping by.

Debbie :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Giving it Another Shot

Things in life change...constantly. 

I've been told creative people get bored easily. I'm hoping the reason I change directions so often is because I'm creative.

This is my third blog. The first one was Dewdrop Gardens, and, like the title suggests, it was mainly about my gardening activities. I was wrapped up in gardening for years, that was a constant until recently. I haven't posted in there for a while, but it's fun to go back & look at the things I did before.  
You can see how things changed by my watermark. 
The second was Dewdrop Gables, documenting my business with furniture & home decor. This one I paid for on WordPress and closed it when the business closed.

I became involved in furniture refinishing. Not where you sand it and stain it to look new...the kind where you use milk and chalky paints to create a vintage looking piece of art. I even had a booth at a local antique market. 
A dog chewed table given new life
But, everyone started learning how to do it, sales went down, and I lost interest. I still kept creating, but my focus changed.

I became infatuated with shabby chic and lace. Lots of lace...and flowers. Not real flowers. It's fun, I love doing it, but so few people like the style, I certainly could never sell any of it. Yes, I tried. 
A lace book made for Amanda at Scrimpingmommy, a birthday present for a challenge BettsyDoodle had for her
I started making cards...birthday, engagement, Mother's & Father's Day, any sort of greeting card. The family expects handmade cards from me now...especially my wedding cards, which tend to go over the top. 
Card for Dee at BlackCatCrafts13 for her challenge
I discovered I have a love for paper and made a few mini albums...which led me to the passion I have now for creating junk journals, and even journals that aren't junky.  
A selection of journals & a toilet paper roll mini album I made
I don't know how this one will do, I spend almost all of my focus on Facebook & YouTube when I can be online. I'd like the two to be connected, to play off one another. However, I have a hard time keeping up with the channels I'm subscribed to, let alone staying in touch with bloggers, too. 

I feel I need to have a blog, though. I can type fast, much faster than I write, and maybe I should use my blog as my journal? But, the paper...the feel, the smell, the sound...I can't get that from a blog.  

An ideal situation would be to stop getting distracted online. Then I'd have more time for YouTube, blogger & Facebook. 

...change 'homework' to housework...

GIFs above from giphy.com